A new anthology and TPP at Worldcon, Dublin!

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Bookmark with Defying Doomsday cover art and text reading "First we DEFIED DOOMSDAY, now we're going to REBUILD TOMORROW"

Get one of these bookmarks if you visit the Twelfth Planet Press stall at Worldcon in Dublin next week!

It’s now been about three years since Defying Doomsday hit the shelves. Since then, the anthology won a Ditmar Award for Best Collected Work and was shortlisted for several other Australian awards, including the Aurealis and Norma K Hemming Awards.

Now, Tsana and the team at Twelfth Planet Press are working on a follow-up anthology. Rebuilding Tomorrow will again focus on disabled and/or chronically ill protagonists and will still have a somewhat post-apocalyptic theme. However, rather than focussing on survival in the immediate aftermath of an apocalypse like Defying Doomsday did, we want the stories in Rebuilding Tomorrow to be set a significant time after the apocalyptic disaster. We want stories that show society getting back on its feet and people moving past subsistence-level existence into a new, sustainable world, even though it’s one that has been irrevocably changed by an apocalypse.

We are going to run a Kickstarter to fund Rebuilding Tomorrow in October 2019 and will launch the book mid-2020, in time for the 2020 Worldcon, CoNZealand (which will be held in Wellington in late July).


More details about that as they come in…


Meanwhile, Twelfth Planet Press is going to have a table in the Dealers Room at Worldcon in Dublin! Tsana and Miriam will be in attendance, so come see us for a Rebuilding Tomorrow ribbon, and a bookmark that will go great with either your copy of Defying Doomsday, or, in about a year, our next anthology!

We’re at booth 98, and yes, Defying Doomsday will be one of the books for sale!