Defying Doomsday Update!

Posted By on Jan 26, 2016 |

We have now read and responded to all Defying Doomsday submissions! As soon as we make a few final touches, we’ll be ready to announce our table of contents.

Overall, we received 177 stories for our theme: Apocalypse-survival fiction with a focus on disabled and chronically-ill characters.

Of those stories, the vast majority were by US authors (just over 50%), with Australian authors coming in second at 21%.

Pie chart showing 50.3% US Authors, 21% Australian Authors, 7.9% Canadian Authors, 10.2% UK Authors and 10.2% Other Authors

The gender distribution of submissions was 51.4% men, 46.3% women and 2.3% both/other/not-binary/unknown.

Pie chart showing gender distribution with 51.4% men, 46.3% women and 2.3% both/other/not-binary/unknown

Finally, our stats for those authors who followed the guidelines…

Pie chart showing ability to read submission guidelines: 67.2% followed guidelines, 32.8% did not!

67.2% of the authors who submitted to Defying Doomsday followed the stated guidelines, 32.8% did not!

So there are some pie charts for your delectation.

If you submitted to Defying Doomsday and have yet to hear anything back about your story, please query by sending us an email at

We’ll be announcing the table of contents soon! Excitement!