Pozible Campaign Cancelled

Posted By on Nov 11, 2019 |

Unfortunately, our Pozible crowdfunding campaign for Rebuilding Tomorrow has not been going well and we can see now that we are not going to make our goal over the time remaining in our campaign. Therefore, we have decided to cancel our Pozible campaign. We are not cancelling the book. Rebuilding Tomorrow will still get made, one way or another. As we have previously advertised, we already have some great stories lined up from excellent authors and we are committed to bringing them to you. But for now we are going to regroup and consider our funding options. Most likely, that will mean a delay to the publication of Rebuilding Tomorrow.

We hope you will stick with us as we work out how best to proceed. To stay updated on our progress and be informed when we have news of Rebuilding Tomorrow, you can follow our dedicated Twitter account, (https://twitter.com/DefyingDoomsday), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DefyingDoomsday/), or keep an eye on this website. To have updates emailed to you, you can subscribe to the Twelfth Planet Press newsletter, or, if you prefer to only receive updates about Rebuilding Tomorrow, then you can sign up here instead.