“This is how disabilities should be portrayed in our literature. Read this anthology.” – Sarah Chorn, Our Words

“…if you liked Mad Max: Fury Road and its focus on a disabled woman saving the world in a barren wasteland, this anthology is definitely for you.” – Marina Berlin, Strange Horizons

“These are stories of survivors banding together, of supporting one another by combining strengths to reduce weaknesses.” – Daniel Haeusser, Skiffy and Fanty

“It’s certainly not a subtle message but it’s a damn important one.” – Emma Lee Gough

“The characters of Defying Doomsday have a single mission: survive.” – Ben Anderson, The West Australian

“This anthology is of high quality and needs attention – it’s a complicated thing showing both the drawbacks of having a disability, and also how a disability doesn’t mean you’re an easy kill if zombies attack.” – Katharine Stubbs, Ventureadlaxre

“…a strong anthology and I enjoyed it even more than I enjoyed Kaleidoscope.” – Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Earl Grey Editing

“The most striking aspect for me was the great variety that Defying Doomsday offers… That makes for a very rich reading experience” – SC Flynn, SCy-Fy

“Tsana Dolichva and Holly Kench have created an excellent anthology here. The fact that each protagonist has a disability or chronic illness isn’t quite beside the point, but it kind of is: that is, most of the time while reading the stories I wasn’t thinking “oh, poor blind/deaf/handless/whatever person!” I was thinking “I want to be with that person when doomsday comes down because they’ve got this survival thing down like nothing else.”” – Randomly Yours, Alex